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Profile Dashboard - New Origin ID

Sep 11, 2017 at 01:27 PM


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Hello Experts, SAP,

If in the system I have created a new Origin ID I would like to add this to one of the Validation Status of the Contact Level. How can I achive this? Is it possible?



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Komur Akil Sep 12, 2017 at 12:01 AM

Dear Paolo,

As I understand: you want to adjust one of the validation statuses (or add one) based on your NEW origin ID. This is possible.

However you would need to edit one of the user exits. On On-Premise this would be BAdI: CUAN_CE_IC_UPDATE, and use the method IF_CUAN_CE_IC_UPDATE_SP7~IMP_IA_IC_UPDATE_IC_ROOT. An excerpt of the code is below, based on your requirements, you should change the WHEN statements (or add one for a new status e.g. c_premium_partner = '40' ).

* Sample logic setting the IC ROOT validation status *
*  c_anonymous         =  '  '
*  c_self_identified   =  '10'
*  c_qualified         =  '20'
*  c_business_partner  =  '30'

    LOOP AT lt_ia_facet REFERENCE INTO lr_ia_facet.
      CASE lr_ia_facet->id_origin.

        WHEN cl_cuan_ce_ic_helper=>gc_crm_bupa           OR  "SAP CRM Business Partner
             cl_cuan_ce_ic_helper=>gc_erp_bupa           OR  "SAP ERP Business Partner
             cl_cuan_ce_ic_helper=>gc_erp_contact        OR  "SAP ERP Contact
             cl_cuan_ce_ic_helper=>gc_erp_customer       OR  "SAP ERP Customer
             if_cuan_ce_c=>co_origin_sap_erp_company     OR  "SAP ERP Company
             if_cuan_ce_c=>co_origin_sap_c4c_indiv_cust.     "SAP C4C Individual Customer
                 es_ic_new-validation_status = c_business_partner.



With regards,


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Do you know if the same BADI is available in SAP hybris Marketing Cloud?


Dear Kommur,

I have a doubt regarding what is the information relevant that makes a contact feet to a customer or anonnymous or self identified.

In this information taken from Help sap it says that the more master data is maintained the higher the validation status is, so , is it possible to choose what master data is relevant for each contact level? and where i can do this?

Regarding the second example provided by SAP, if a contact filled out a form on the Web site, but not only enter the name and the address, but also enter all the information necessary to be identified as a client, this contact will still remain the in Self-identified level?

Regarding the first example, if the contact clicked an item on my Web site, but i already have the information of this contact even the cookie information, will still remain in the anonymous level?

With Regards,



Dear Danitza,

Each facet that you contain about a customer contributes to the validation status. E.g. you SAP ERP customer code (kunnr), your email, your Facebook ID are all facets. The more of these facets that you have, the higher the validation status e.g. trustworthiness.

SAP has provided some code to determine the validation status from these facets, which can be edited in the following BAdI (Use transaction SPRO):

that Badi uses Interface IF_CUAN_CE_IC_UPDATE_SP7 and method IMP_IA_IC_UPDATE_IC_ROOT to determine the validation status, here you could make changes based on your custom ID Origin.

Please have a look at that Interface, which should give you a better idea on how SAP has implemented the validation status determination.

On on-premise or on cloud, you can implement this BAdI and make any changes you require.




Dear Akil,

Thank you so much for your indications.

With Regards,


Stefan Nasshan
Sep 11, 2017 at 03:07 PM

Hi Paolo,

I did not understand what exactly you want to do. What do you mean with "add this [Origin ID] to one of the Validation Status"? Validation Status is a field at the Contact Root which is set according to certain criteria or already coming from another system. Origin ID is something different. So what's the use case?

Best regards


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