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FIN tag - overcrowded ?

Oct 12, 2016 at 11:27 AM


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I have added my user to tag FIN, now I've got messages on

  1. - SAP HANA
  2. - SAP FI
  3. - SAP CO
  4. - coming conferences or events
  5. - VIM software
  6. - IoT

There is too much information and some might not be directly in use for FI.

640 elements - 636 blogs and 4 questions. In the case of blogs I get confused on what is:

  1. news from SAP
  2. technical documents prepared by users
  3. blogs (experiences) prepared by users

How can I distinguish between them ?

Kind Regards

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1 Answer

Steffi Warnecke
Oct 12, 2016 at 11:37 AM

Hello Gustavo,

the issue is not the tag directly, but that some people went overboard with adding tags to their content.

See this example:

That's why they now show up in the tag content, even though they might not really be related to it.

I don't know if, after the first big wave of questions and issue with the new platform is behind us, the moderators for the tags will sort through this and ask the authors to delete unnecessary tags (or do that themselves).




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I agree with you, it's people adding tags to content but that made my inbox unreadable.

I've also added idea on adding a blog type to distinguished between docs & blogs

kind Regards


Hi Steffi,

It's not only the user add tags, it's how the content was migrated.

Look at this link

The document was uploaded in "FIN Financial Supply chain Management" space and I added "cash flow analysis ....." and etc as tags in my document. These tags were already there, I´ve just used them.

The most appropriate tag for this document would be "FIN Treasury" but this could be the author opinion ;-)

I will submit an idea to distinguish primary/additional tags from user tags in blogs

Kind Regards


Well, adding different tags is supposed to distribute that content to different lists. If you think those are too many now, as author you can always change them and delete some. ;)