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View -> VizFrame -> vizProperties -> i18n ?

Hey there,

I'm currently struggling with VizFrame ...

The situation:

I have defined the whole VizFrame in my view like this:

	xmlns="sap.viz" id="chart_5" width="100%" vizType="stacked_column" uiConfig="{applicationSet:'fiori'}"
	vizProperties="{ valueAxis: { title: { visible: true, text: 'foo Items (pcs)' } },title: { visible: false }, plotArea: { colorPalette: ['#00b482', '#6e6e6e', '#711e82', '#40c7a1', '#969696'] } }">
				< name="{i18n>year}" value="{YEAR}" identity="idYear"/>
				< name="{i18n>month}" value="{MONTH}" identity="idMonth"/>
				< name="{i18n>no}" value="{S_NO}" identity="idNo"/>
				< name="{i18n>refurbished}" value="{S_SURFACE_REFURBISHED}" identity="idSurfaceRefurbished"/>
				< name="{i18n>corrosion}" value="{S_CORROSION}" identity="idCorrosion"/>
		<viz.feeds:FeedItem uid="valueAxis" type="Measure" values="idNo,idSurfaceRefurbished,idCorrosion"/>
		<viz.feeds:FeedItem uid="categoryAxis" type="Dimension" values="idMonth,idYear"/>

Works like a charm, except for the y-axis title... Normally I would get a axis title having all my three measures. But I want a different one, "Items (pcs.)". So I declared the valuue axis title in vizProperties. Works as well.

The problem is: I'm not able to apply an i18n'ed value in vizProperties.

I tried different things, like:

izProperties="{ valueAxis: { title: { visible: true, text: '{i18n>pieces}' } },title: { visible: false }, plotArea: { colorPalette: ['#00b482', '#6e6e6e', '#711e82', '#40c7a1', '#969696'] } }"
But the title I get is: "{i18n>pieces}", instead of the i18n'ed text.


Is this actually possible to have i18n in vizProperties, diretly in view?

If yes: How?

best regards,


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2 Answers

  • Oct 11, 2017 at 05:46 AM

    Hi Alex,

    It is possible to have i18n in vizProperties using Expression binding

    Simple Example Here:

    vizProperties="{= {valueAxis: { title: { visible: true, text: ${i18n>pieces} } } } }"



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    • Sorry, tried this at first. Did not work at all. The expression "${i18n>pieces}" is not getting evaluated at all. It works everything else but vizProperties attribute...


      Ah, I just saw that your string looks different:

      yours: {= {valueAxis: { title: { visible: true, text: ${i18n>pieces} } } } }

      mine: { valueAxis: { title: { visible: true, text: '{i18n>pieces}' } } }

      there's an additional "=" ...

      I will test it...

  • Apr 08, 2018 at 05:14 AM

    Hi Agrahar,

    I am facing an issue with viz charts + selection screen. On click of Filter Bar go button, i need to display my viz frame .

    without filterbar , i was getting a viz chart . but after keeping my selection screen , i was getting invalid data binding error in place of my viz frame.

    i request you to please help me. complete details of code and error details are mentioned in the below link .. please help

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