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VIRSA -Tcodes


Can you please share the commonly used tcodes on VIRSA tool?

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    Oct 10, 2007 at 03:01 PM

    You can view all the tcodes from Table TSTC.

    GO to SE16

    Enter Table TSTC

    search /VIRSA*

    and it should give you all the tcodes

    here is a list. The most Imp tcode would be /N/VIRSA/ZVRAT

    /VIRSA/ALERTGEN Activity Monitoring

    /VIRSA/MICCONFIG Virsa MIC User mapping Configuration


    /VIRSA/RE_DNLDROLES Role Expert 4.0

    /VIRSA/VFAT Firefighter

    /VIRSA/VRMT Role Expert

    /VIRSA/ZMGMTRPT Management Report Graphical View

    /VIRSA/ZRTCNFG Risk Terminator Configuration

    /VIRSA/ZRTDELLOCK Delete Role Lock

    /VIRSA/ZRTRGLOG Risk Terminator Role Generation Log

    /VIRSA/ZVFAT_U02 FirefightId Log summary

    /VIRSA/ZVFAT_U03 Reason/Activity report

    /VIRSA/ZVFAT_U04 FirefightId Transaction Usage

    /VIRSA/ZVFAT_U05 Invalid Firefighter Ids/Owners/Cntrl

    /VIRSA/ZVFAT_U06 SOD Conflicts in Firefighter

    /VIRSA/ZVFAT_V01 Log Report

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT SAP Compliance Calibrator

    /VIRSA/ZVRATBAK1 Update data for Mgmt Graphical View

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_C01 Security & Controls Policies

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_COVN Conversion of CC tables, Old to New

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_D01 Download Spool Requests by Job Name

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_L01 Conversion Utility for CC Text Table

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_L02 Conversion Utility for Long Texts

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_M01 Upload/Download CC tables

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_M02 Where Used list of Mit. Control Id/M

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_M03 Analyze disabled SOD TCode & Object

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_M04 Optimizer for SOD Data Table

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_M05 Where Used list of Control Id/Monit

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_MG1 Management Cockpit

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_P01 Display changes to Profiles

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_R01 Count authorizations in roles

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_RB2 Rule Architect

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_RB3 Rule Architect Conversion

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S01 Monitor Conflicts & Critical Trans.

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S021 Monitor Conflicts & Critical Trans.

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S03 Download Objects for Tcodes

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S04 SOD Conflicts for TCodes and Objects

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S05 SOD Rule Wizard

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S06 SOD Rule Validation Tool

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S07 Non Reference Report

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S08 User Access Report

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S09 Comparing diffrent SOD Matrices

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S10 Tcodes by Roles/Profiles, never exec

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S11 Authorization object by Roles/Profs

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S12 Transactions executed by Users

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S13 Comparing Critical Tcode Matrices

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S14 Comparing SOD Authorization Matrices

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S15 Compare Sod Tcode & Authorization

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_S16 Comp.Calibrator Data Maintenance

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_U01 Count authorizations for Users

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_U02 Analysis of called trans in Cus.code

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_U03 Management Report

    /VIRSA/ZVRAT_U05 Expired and Expiring Roles for Users

    /VIRSA/ZVRMT_U01 Check Role Status

    /VIRSA/ZVRMT_U02 Check Tcodes in Menu & Authorization

    /VIRSA/ZVRMT_U03 Compare Users Roles

    /VIRSA/ZVRMT_U04 List roles assigned to a user

    /VIRSA/ZVRMT_U05 Where used list for roles

    /VIRSA/ZVRMT_U06 List roles and transactions

    /VIRSA/ZVRMT_U07 Create/Modify Derived Roles

    /VIRSA/ZVRMT_U08 Analysis of Owners Roles and Users

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  • Oct 04, 2007 at 06:14 AM

    there is only 1 that you really need to know: /virsa/zvrat

    pretty much everything hangs off that code & you can navigate from there to the other codes that are used for various functions

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