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SMP 3.0 Authentication Provider Timeout

Hi All

We have a backend system who's response can be quite slow during peak times and it is affecting our ability to authenitcate using the SMP login plugin in our hybrid app.

The app receives a 'Read time out' java exception after about 20 seconds. I have set the authentication provider timeout (HTTP Connection Timeout Interval) to 2 minutes but it seems to make no change. The timeout still occurs after 20 seconds.

In the global SMP server settings (ONLINE PROXY CONNECTION SETTINGS) we have the following set -

Connection timeout - 900000 [15 minutes]

Socket connection timeout - 900000 [15 minutes]

Connection pool idle timeout - 6000

Maximum connection pool size - 5000

Online proxy maximum response size - -1

Is there anywhere this timeout setting can be overidden as i cant determine exactly why it times out after 20 seconds?



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  • Hello Riaz,

    Have your above query been already resolved? If so, please close it by providing your solution, it will help others.

    If not, i would suggest you to reach out to SAP support team by raising an OSS ticket.


    Jitendra (Moderator)

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