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Time Evalaution results change when i re-run RPTIME00

Sep 12, 2017 at 12:18 PM


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Dear Experts,

I have a problem when running time evaluation, that is, when i run a period (from 01.07.2017 to 09.07.2017 for example) , the time types are generated correctly as per my calculations. when i re-run time evaluation - with no changes at all in master data or in anything else - the time types read wrong data.

example, i have a cummulated time type called 1015 (which is saved in SALDO) and in my calculations, i take the amount of monthly 1015 and put it in a daily time type called 1014. the balance of 1015 gets consumed based on a PCR, so for the period i mentioned:

01.07.2017 --> 1015 was 135 in SALDO, then 7.81 hours were consumed, so the resulting 1014 =127.19 (where 135 is the ending balance of June 2017)

02.07.2017 --> 7.59 were consumed, so 1014=119.6 (so is 1015)

03.07.2017 --> 7.5 were consumed, so 1014= 112.1 (so is 1015)

04.07.2017 --> 7.56 were consumed, so 1014= 104.54 (so is 1015)

and so on till 09.07.2017 for example,

now if i run time evaluation again but starting from 03.07.2017 (instead of 01.07.2017) the result in 03.07.2017 is that it sees 1015 as 135 (instead of 119.6 starting balance) so instead of having 1014 = 112.1, it makes it 127.5 (which is 135 - 7.5) instead of (119.6 - 7.5) which is wrong !

why would the time evaluation see the old SALDO entry (135) rather than seeing the correct 119.6 (the system behaves as if i never ran 01.07 and 02.07) !! and only reads the result from June 2017

any suggestions please?

thanks in advance,


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1 Answer

Rémi Corriveau Sep 12, 2017 at 04:53 PM

Are you running that Time Evalution as a "Test run" ?

What is your current version (and Patch) of SAP HR ? It used to be that when forcing retroactive calculations "LIVE", the Time Evaluation Tables Cluster was deleted for that Month and all subsequent Months.

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No, i am running a "Live" run not test

SAP HR 608, SP-Level 0037 (if this is what you mean)

Even if i force run in the middle of the month? i mean, will the system delete the cluster tables in dates prior to my force run date? (in my case 01.07 & 02.07 were ignored as if they never ran) ... and if yes, is there a solution for this? (to prevent the system from deleting the clusters even if i force run time evaluation?


Best Regards


The Time Evaluation Cluster used to be deleted for the whole month when there was a forced retroactive Time Evaluation, but that problem has been corrected for a few years now. Since you're on SAP HR 608, a forced TE retro should not be a problem, but it would be easy to check if the entries in table ZES no longer exist for the beginning of the month (prior to the retro Date).

Since that should not be the cause of the problem, I would suspect some part of your Custom Configuration, such as the PCR.

To debug the system, I suggest that you do a "Test run" of Time Evaluation, for one employee and with the "Display log" box checked, on the left hand side of your screen from 01.07 to 09.07, and simultaneously on the right hand side of your screen from 03.07 to 09.07 (same employee). Once you have the logs on-screen, you can drill down into them to that PCR and see what it reads and how it processes it. If that point is not the problem, look elsewhere in the log, always comparing the left hand side of the screen with it's right hand side.