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Oct 03, 2007 at 02:02 PM

Evaluation stock



I have a particular requirement: for a material if I use the transaction MB51 I see a stock (for ex.= 1593 pz) but if I see, in the tab.Contability 1, in transaction MM03 for that material and that period I see a value stock = 0.The valuation area is active for that material type...It need to say that the fiscal year is different from current year that is Genuary 2008 (Fiscal year) ->September 2007, February 2008 (Fiscal year) ->October 2007...And in input for MB51 I put the date : 01/09/2007-30/0972007.Why this difference between MB51, MM03 (and also MRN9)??...

Thanks in advance .Best Regards