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Lumira 2.0 and / or Mobile platform


This question most likely goes to SAP team, or if there is someone out there who knows the future of these 2 apps mentioned in subj.

So, the story is the following: we migrated our test environment of Lumira landscape from the latest version 1.3.X to Lumira 2 Sp02 and tested it in 2 places:

- SAP BI 4.2 Sp04 platform:

1. Why the settings and formatting of Lumira objects are not saved during upgrade, for instance

  1. fit to page, formatting of chart objects - Column / object name appears even if we hide it in 1.3.X
  2. Default number formatting also is gone and we need to recheck every single attribute once again.

2.SAP BI Mobile (the latest version of it, I do not have mine iPad here, so do not know exact version). It is easier to find the object that are compatible Lumira=Mobile and the list will be short.

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  • I'm sorry but your question does not make any sense.
    Are you asking about why Lumira upgrade didn't keep the same formatting as previous version or are you asking if Lumira is compatible with BO Mobile ?
    Or both ?
    Or neither ?

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1 Answer

  • Sep 12, 2017 at 07:15 AM

    Hi, Denis

    Sure, i was talking about both issues mentioned by you, here will try to explain this in more details:

    1. Compatibility:

    a) Object setting set in Lumira 1.3.X on charts are not kept in SAP Lumira 2.0. For instance, try to use Fit to page option or formatting of a legend - even if i suppress it in 1.3.X, it pops up in 2.0, so basically we need to recheck every single object and even after that chart formatting is wrong.

    b) functionality: linking functionality is missing, meaning, that by clicking on one object value in chart A it automatically filters other object as well. I know that not this can be done with Design studio, but DS is not the best tool for business users who wants to create 'Quickie' report solution . I heard the rumors that the feature will be available again in next releases, is that true?

    2. Mobile: ESGI and offline charts both are not supported, also horizontal column / line charts and map charts are not supported. Have not tested this with other, so cannot judge about that. So, in other words speaking mobile app can not be used with Lumira 2.0 due to ability (Disability) to show all objects created in Lumira .

    I've created incident with SAP, but the only reply which i got from SAP is 'Yes, it is unsupported'.


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