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EWM Outbound delivery split based on Quantity

Hi Experts,

I have a requirement in which outbound delivery should split based on quantity and pallets. For example:

In Material master: I maintained my product as 1

1 EA

1 CV = 5 EA

1 PAL = 10 EA

My outbound delivery is with 15 EA in EWM. Now when I create the warehouse order and warehouse task for picking, I should have two warehouse tasks, 1 task will have full pallet pick i.e 1 PAL = 10 EA and the other warehouse task should have 5 EA loose.

Can this be done through configuaration?

Please suggest.

Thank You

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4 Answers

  • Sep 11, 2017 at 10:39 AM

    Hi Juergen,

    Thank you for your inputs. I followed all the configuration steps but somehow when I try to create warehouse task I always end up creating only one task. The complete quantity i.e 15 EA is getting created in one task. I am expecting to have two tasks. One task for full pallet 10 EA and another for 5 EA loose. Not sure what is missing. Also I could see that my handling unit is not getting determined. I have done all the config related to handling unit also.



    Thank You

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  • Sep 11, 2017 at 09:25 AM


    yes, by using the strategy "Stock Removal Suggestion According to Quantity": In addition tothe usage of packaging specifications the documentation suggests, (, you can also use the alternative unit of measure. Ah, I just see that this is also described in the documentation. As you see, sometimes it helps to read documentation.



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  • Sep 12, 2017 at 05:17 AM

    Hi Krishna,

    Addition to Juergen, Please check below points.

    1> Product has to maintain alternative UOM . Please check the stock for AUOM while putaway e.g, Pallet in your case

    2> Picking

    Warehouse Task Creation

    When picking, the alternative unit of measure (AUoM) of the outbound delivery order item has no influence on the warehouse task (WT), so the system does not prioritise looking for stock which has the same AUoM as the outbound delivery item. You can use a stock removal strategy to pick stock which is not in the preferred AUoM first.

    "The system takes the AUoM of the available quantity when creating a WT. The system also tries to determine which AUoM is best suited for WT execution. If a quantity equivalent to a whole pallet is to be removed, the system creates a WT with the AUoM for a pallet. The system decides whether to use another AUoM for the WT according to the quantity for the WT or to the quantity classification that is maintained in the WT's source storage type and in the product master. If the product has a packaging specification, the system uses the AUoM from the packaging level which fits the WT. If there is no packaging specification, the system attempts to determine an AUoM by checking the product master for the AUoM's conversion factors. This is done in the default implementation of the BAdI Change of HU Quantity, which you can find in Customizing for Extended Warehouse Managementunder Start of the navigation path Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) for Extended Warehouse Management Next navigation step Goods Issue Process Next navigation step Strategies Next navigation step Stock Removal Strategies End of the navigation path. "( Copied from link )

    3> Please check in your system , as per the above the default call back class /SCWM/CL_EI_CORE_RMS_HU_QUAN is set up ?

    4> Please also check the strategy

    Kind Regards,


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  • Apr 18, 2018 at 03:06 PM

    Can you please change the question? this is not regarding delivery split. This is regarding Warehouse Order


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