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Oct 02, 2007 at 07:02 PM

Performing ranking calculations with the BEx Query Designer - ideas?


I have a scenario where I have a key figure with raw values. In the column beside this I want to rank the key figures by their raw values.

Something like this:

Amount Rank

0.11 2

0.05 3

0.22 1

0.03 4

I can do this no problem using the "Calculate Single Values as:" Ranked List.

For subsequent calculations I need to perform mathematical operations on the RANK column. For example say I want to make a 3rd column where I divide the rank by 2:

Amount Rank Rank by 2

0.11 2 1

0.05 3 1.5

0.22 1 0.5

0.03 4 2

I cannot figure out how to do this as SAP does not really STORE the values of the rank column for my next calculation. The "Rank by 2" column actually shows this:

Rank by 2





which is dividing the original amount by 2 and not the actual RANK value.

Anyone have some suggestions on what I can do?