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Oct 02, 2007 at 05:28 PM

How to add/remove items from recording in Activity Documents



I'm trying to find information on how to configure the Activity Documents to add or remove certain actions from being displayed.

I currently have 2 needs.

1. In SLCM Master Data, the users are requesting to turn on Activity Documents for changes in student address. They don't feel the current address history gives them what they need. We currently do not have any activity documents turned on for Master Data, and I'm told that the reason this was done was due to the processing load on the system. Is it possible to turn on Activity documents for master data...with only one element like this selected?

2. In SLCM Student File, the users would like to remove the activity document for when Prog. Type Progression is run. They run this almost every day during certain periods of the year and feel that it is cluttering up the more important activities.

I'm having trouble finding where this might be configured in the IMG. Does anyone have any documentation on this in general?

Thank you for your time!

Mike Rohn

Central Michigan University

SLCM Functional Analyst