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Oct 02, 2007 at 05:24 PM

Cleint Proxy - BPM


Hi Guys,

I have the outbound interfcae delivered by sap and they all come under standard sap name space and software component version where we cant modify anything.

I have an outbound interface(Asynchronus) for which i have developed a proxy on the sap side and sap sends the xml data to xi. I need to send this data to a 3 rd party system through the soap adapter. The interface reprsenting the 3rd party is inbound synchronus. I need to send the response message back to an asynch inbound interface on the sap side.

How can i develop abstract interfcaes for the outbound proxy ? They are sap delivered and it is not allowing to create a abstract interface for the outbound or inbound asynch interfaces ?

any help would be really appreciated