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Oct 02, 2007 at 03:17 PM

Masthead needs to include web dynpro


I'm a newbie here so excuse my ignorance....

I have a requirement to add a dropdown box in the masthead.

Note our masthead is two rows high with our logo spanning both rows on the left side. The first row upper right will contain this new drop down and the second row lower right contains the company search options.

Logo - rowspan 2 |                      new dropdown of links | button |
Logo - rwospan 2 |           search box | search option | search button|

This new drop down will contain links to other sites within and outside of the portal. This list can and will grow -quick to maintain is a must. At times these links will be available based on role (if in a role you get it otherwise you don't).

Given those requirements coupled with my limited knowlege I came to the following:

-continue to modify customized Masthead jsp.

-place list in file in KM (quick to maintain by configuration team)

-build web dynpro application to build the drop down box based on"></a>

Is this the proper design? How would I include my web dynpro application in the masthead table cell (upper right)? Should I abort using the SAP provided masthead and build my own via web dynpro (only problem is our search feature uses javascript to call our internal Google and external Google - but I believe I could figure that out inside the server)?


Diane Fuller