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Oct 02, 2007 at 10:34 AM



A master coil can be split into one or more child coils and these need to be

posted using tc: mb1b , material movement 309(Transfer posting material to

material) Combined split coil qty gives the actual master coil qty.

Transaction :- MB1M , The current screen the material movement type we use

is 309 for posting a coil , but it will only allows to change one material

into another material which is fine for a standard one to one slit.

Requirment : one master material coil (xxx140h) being broken down into a

number of different slit sizes (eg xxx050h , xxx060h , xxx030h) therefore we

can enter numerous coil widths with batch and qty which need to be posted all

at a time rather than one to one basis as standard .

Can you pls provide some examples how to go ahead with this issue.