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Hide Valuation Price from Item Overview in PR (ME5*N)

Sep 08, 2017 at 01:14 PM


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Hi Experts,

Is there anyway to hide the Valuation Price from item overview in PR (ME5*N)

I checked the technical information that the program name is RM_MEREQ_GUI and scree number 0014, but the screen number does not exist.

Thank you

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3 Answers

Raymond Giuseppi
Sep 08, 2017 at 01:30 PM

Dynpro 14 of SAPLMEGUI (is the main screen, but actually a container for subscreens)

You noticed you are clicking in an ALV grid area, so did you look for build of field catalog (gt_fieldcatalog in build_dynpro_fields method of SAPLMMEGUI) and then work with display variants, enhancement and BAdI to adapt it.

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You're right, editing gt_fieldcatalog in program LMEGUICJM method build_dynpro_fields works as expected. It's just that I forget to state that this should only work for certain PR doc. type, and when I check the method build_dynpro_fields is triggered first before BAdI IF_EX_ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST~PROCESS_HEADER and only triggered once. So, I still haven't found any spot to update the ALV every time user change the document type.

Thank you for your help.

Jürgen L
Sep 08, 2017 at 01:57 PM

The price is taken from the material master if you have a material number entered, but it is a mandatory field if you have a text item. The information is needed in case of a release strategy by value.

Hiding a mandatory field may not be the best idea.

Also the overview screen is meant for fast entry, if you do not allow to make an entry here you actually force your users to click through the item detail tabs which can be quite annoying if you have to create a PR with hundreds of items.

Price information can often be hidden by removing the authorization activity 09 Price display from the user roles.

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Thanks for the insight, this is the requirement from the functional. If it is possible, could you please tell me the authorization object to hide the Price Display?

Thank you.


you can find all authorization objects to the desired transaction in SU24

Krishna Murthy Sep 11, 2017 at 10:27 AM


for ur issue hide field in field catalog.

in function group


in above function group local class is lcl_req_item_grid

this class is inherited from standard class CL_GRID_VIEW_MM

in standarda class field catalog table is there that name name is GT_FIELDCATALOG


solution is while create object for above local class and find location of filling fieldcatalog table.

there remove that field from that field 'Valuation Price'

u can reach above using implicit enhancement.

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Yes, thank you for your help. I've made it hidden successfully as the way you stated. But, I forget to state that this should only work for certain PR document type. So, I need to re-set the front end field catalog of the ALV and refresh it every time user change the PR document type. In that case, I need to get and keep the reference of the ALV object but I still haven't found it.


Suwandi C.


i think i have to find some other location where exact filedcatalog table is filling for all pr docment types.

search some deep. already u reached solution.

may u get .

i hope


please can u check this fm



I've successfully, get the reference of CL_GRID_VIEW_MM for ME5*N,

I can trigger to hide/display the Valuation Price field but only before the screen is displayed by triggering the set_struct_name method. After that, re-triggering the set_struct_name method does not affect the ALV display. I've tried calling the update_grid_display after set_struct_name but no different.

I wonder if there's any method that could be called to trigger the Field Catalog of the ALV.


no idea