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Overwrite Rules not working after upgrade from SAP Personas 3 sp4 to sp5

Sep 08, 2017 at 12:57 PM


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Hi all,

Quick question before i log a call to support. We recently (well today), upgraded from Personas 3 sp4 to sp5, including applying all the relevant sap notes that the notes checker recommded applying (with the exception of one note that we couldn't implement(separate call will be logged with support re that one).

I have noticed that my scripts are now failing due to elements that i previously pointed to in SP4, now not appearing to be there. Looking at the overwrite rules for the elements in question (from transaciton PA20), the overwrite rules are present, but the scripts still fail. If I replace the guid reference by using the scripting inspector, my scripts start working again.

So it looks like the overwrite rules that did work in sp4, no longer work in sp5.

has anyone else encountered this? The control overwrite rules were provided to us by sap in the first place.

any pointers welcomed

Ian :)

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I logged a call with support and they have come back to say that they are looking a tthe logic on how the rules are applied as there may have been a change in the upgrade.

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Cristiano Hansen
Mar 31 at 04:03 PM

Hello Ian,

Please check whether there are missing notes via notes checker.
Maybe there is some additional information in SAP note 2447934.


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