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Sep 11, 2017 at 02:35 AM

Intercompany GST exempt Purchase



We are trying to setup an Intercompany purchase scenario between two companies across New Zealand and Australia. For this, the purchases are GST exempt between the two companies. Is there some place in masterdata/configuration where we can maintain this?

I checked Supplier account for the supplier company and there the tax exemption mentioned is at regional level only and as per the case document 2520832, its only relevant for domestic purchases (not between companies in different countries). So this is ruled out.

I checked Business Configuration activity "Tax on Goods and Services", again this activity only defines rules on a generic level and not specific to company::company.

Did a check for Tax Reporting Group functionality, and again this is not the applicable scenario. Both the companies need to file tax returns separately in their respective countries. Its just that Export from NZ is tax free for the Company in Australia (where such a purchase is tax free again).

The only option I see is manual adjustment of tax codes in Purchase Orders, which kind of works but, was wondering to a more stable and constant behaviour which can be configured in the system.

Any thoughts/ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Harsh Vardhan Shrotriya