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B1 DI API changing Batch Number on Delivery?

Sep 10, 2017 at 09:50 AM


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We had a situation where there was a big screw up in the warehouse and the batch number selected for multiple orders isn't actually available to ship. I'm trying to find a way to programmatically modify the existing Delivery documents because cancelling and reissuing them will cause headaches elsewhere in the company workflow.. I have tried several different attempts so far with no luck. All of the deliveries are open, no lines shipped or invoiced.

Attempt 1, Change BatchNumber:

Company oCompany    = new SAPbobsCOM.Company();
/// company configuration here...
Documents doc    = oCompany.GetBusinessObject((int)BoObjectTypes.oDeliveryNotes);


doc.Lines.BatchNumbers.BatchNumber = newBatchNumber;

Update() returns 0 and no error codes is given, but batch number has not actually changed when I check afterwards.

Attempt 2, Delete Original Line, Add New Line:

// using same oCOmpany and doc init as #1
// get values from existing line    
int BaseEntry           = doc.Lines.BaseEntry;
int BaseType            = doc.Lines.BaseType;
int BaseLine            = doc.Lines.BaseLine;
string ItemCode         = doc.Lines.ItemCode;
double Quantity         = doc.Lines.Quantity;
string FreeText         = doc.Lines.FreeText;

int UoMEntry            = doc.Lines.UoMEntry;
double Price            = doc.Lines.Price;
string WarehouseCode    = doc.Lines.WarehouseCode;

// delete old line

// add new line
// assign same values as deleted line
doc.Lines.BaseEntry                 = BaseEntry;
doc.Lines.BaseType                  = BaseType;
doc.Lines.BaseLine                  = BaseLine;
doc.Lines.ItemCode                  = ItemCode;
doc.Lines.Quantity                  = Quantity;
doc.Lines.FreeText                  = FreeText;
doc.Lines.UoMEntry                  = UoMEntry;
doc.Lines.Price                     = Price;
doc.Lines.WarehouseCode             = WarehouseCode;
doc.Lines.BatchNumbers.BatchNumber  = newLot;
doc.Lines.BatchNumbers.Quantity     = Quantity;

Throws Error -5002: Item number is missing; specify an item number {DLN1.ItemCode][Line: 1]

Attempt 3, Add New Line, then Delete Original Line:

// Same Copy Values and Add Line as Attempt 2

// delete old line

Throws Error -5002: 10001221 - Specify "Items per Unit" greater than zero [INV1.NumPerMsr][line: 1]

Attempt 4, Add New Line, Zero Out Original Line:

// Same Copy Values and Add Line as Attempt 2

// zero out old line
this.doc.Lines.BaseEntry            = 0;
doc.Lines.BaseType                  = 0;
doc.Lines.BaseLine                  = 0;
doc.Lines.Quantity                  = 0;
doc.Lines.BatchNumbers.Quantity     = 0;

Throws Error -5002: Item number is missing; specify an item number {DLN1.ItemCode][Line: 1]

I'm not sure why its giving the missing item error in #2 & #4, if I print doc.Lines.ItemCode before Update() it gives the correct value. I would be very grateful for any help getting this working.

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1 Answer

DIEGO LOTHER Sep 15, 2017 at 03:13 AM

Hi Chris,

I believe that not exist any way to change batch on delivery or invoice. Neither by the SDK nor by client.

Possible solutions, look this:

Hope it helps.

Kind Regards,

Diego Lother

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Former Member

Thank you for the link. That is unfortunate, seems silly that you can't edit the batch numbers if the delivery has not been closed or invoiced. I wish the error codes thrown would actually make it clear if the action is forbidden rather than a misleading error about itemcodes or units.