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Former Member
Oct 01, 2007 at 05:41 PM

XL Reporter - Santax error in selection after upgrading from PL26 to PL29


Hello all there,

again a question concerning my old friend XLR!

We are running SAPB0 2005A SP01 PL29.

After an update of XLR PL26 (Version / 6.80.367) to XLR PL29

(Version / 6.80.388) in some reports the following syntax

error came up: "Definition parsing failed; syntax error near #NULL".

This is the selection in which the syntax error is reported:


BPA(CardType = "C" And scrIncl_0 = "N" Or

CardType = "C" And scrIncl_0 = #NULL )

ARDT( Code = "ARCreditMemo","Invoice" )


In XLR PL26 the report runs without any problems! The following as

additional information on the meaning of this selection:

We select all clients (CardType = "C") where the UDF scrIncl_0 is

either assigned the value "N" or a value is not yet assigned (#NULL).

Again I stress: It works as expectedin XLR PL26 !!

I had checked all SAP notes concerning XLR PL29 or #NULL before I

posted this question but had found nothing pointing into this direction!

Best Regards

Frank Romeni