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Oct 01, 2007 at 05:37 PM

Spool request



I have a scenario where a <b>SPOOL REQUEST</b> is being generated when I use a transaction.

If I print that spoll request, it is printing in 20 pages. But, the requirement is to print the same request in 4 Pages. Can someone tell me how to do that..?

<b>NB:</b> Actually, in the output, there are so many blank lines(something like we generally have in a report output). Thats why it is printing in 20 papers. So, when printing the spool request, they don't want those blank lines and they want the printout in 4 pages itself.

Will there be any settings that we need to do when printing the Spool request that will reduce the the number of pages..?

Please share your answers.

Thanks & Regards,