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Oct 01, 2007 at 05:15 PM

Queries in Travel Management (TM)


Hi All,

Need inputs from any one who worked on SAP Travel management.

Currently my client is on Oracle financials and use I expense (Not sure exact name) through which the expense statements are submitted by employees. The manager / auditor can either approve or reject the total statement or by individual line items.

The line items that are rejected (e.g, missing docs) will get routed back to the employee with a cliam number + extn "01" at the end... so, we can figure out the origin of original claim. In other words, the original claim will get split in to two claims. The original claim will get re-calculated for the approved items and taken forward for payment.

The employee can re-submit the missing items using the new claim number (with extn "01") and workflow continues.

Is it possible to have similar process on SAP - Travel Management?

As I understand, Manager / Auditor can either approve or reject in total on SAP.

If a development is must, can any one guide me how much effort may be required for this and the issues we may face.

Also, is there a way a super user (with out have configuration access) maintain per diem rates, mileage, expense types, etc?

Thanks in advance.