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Oct 01, 2007 at 12:51 PM

Plz help me in TS preparation from FS


Hi All,

i got one FS and i have to prepare TS from Scrach, so plz help me in thi smatter, this is very Urgent.

Here i m giving the details of FS........ pla go through this

1.1 Business Driver

Victoria’s Secret requires financial reporting at the business unit level. These business units are currently made up of Pink, Beauty, Core, and Other. The GL3.3 Insight design will populate the business area field automatically by using this development.

1.2 Current Functionality

Reporting is completed by numerous offline spreadsheets.

1.3 Desired Functionality Overview

To update/substitute/derive the business area based on a custom mapping table by utilizing the product hierarchy field on the article master record. If valid records are not found, provide functionality to the users to “fix.”

In order to accomplish the requirement, the following must be created;

1. A custom Z table with a custom transaction code (details below)

2. A user exit created in the Finance interface (details below)

3. A custom Z table to populate the “errors” associated with not finding a business area with a custom transaction code (details below)

4. A custom program that allows users to cleanse via manually or through an automated lookup

5. Update table “TTYPS” with BSEG-GSBER – Business area

1.4 Assumptions

- Product Hierarchy field on the article master basic view is populated on all VSS SKU’s (MARA-PRDHA)

- Business areas exists based on logic provided

- This enhancement will derive the business area for all posting associated with an VS article

- Articles with article type of ROH will be excluded from error logic

- All financial transactions which include a finished/sellable article will pass through these exits

- Set “ZVS_CODE” and “ZVS_POSDT” exists

- Point of sales information for billing is only using document type YP for revenue postings

1.5 Project / Development Constraints


1.6 Performance Criteria

Since most of the high volume transactions will pass through this enhancement, it is extremely important that this is efficient as possible

1.7 Applications Affected

SAP Module Impact/Change Description

FI Posting to business area

SD-billing User exit in billing

1.8 Other Objects Affected:

FSPEC Name New? Fspec Description


2.1 Desired Functionality Detail

1 (from section 1.4) – Custom table and custom transaction code

Custom transaction code = “ZFIBU”

Custom table name = “ZFIBU” – Business area determination


FIELD TEXT PRODUCT HIERARCHY COMPANY CODE BUSINESS AREA Updated by: User name Updated on (date & time)




STATUS Required Optional Required


User will enter transaction code ZFIBU. Selection parameters:

-Product hierarchy

-Company code

-Business area

*Note – full ALV functionality must be provided including extracting to file, extracting to excel, dynamic selections, etc.

The user will have the option to enter the company code. IF the user does not enter the company code, then all company codes will be valid.

The product hierarchy and the business area will be required. All fields will be reference to a check table identified above.

2 (from section 1.4) - user exit created in the Finance interface

*This prerequisite logic will be built into the standard substitution rules in transaction codes OBBH with the assumption that this exit will result in a business area being derived.

*Create new form “Z900” in “ZGGBS000”



1. Get the company code number BSEG-BUKRS from the document line item

2. Read article master record table (MARA) by article (MATNR) with BSEG-MATNR: Get the product hierarchy (PRDHA)

3. Read table ZFIBU with BSEG-BUKRS and MARA-PRDHA; get business area GSBER *NOTE: If company code is blank in ZFIBA, only match on MARA-PRDHA.

Error Processing:

If business area match is not found AND the transaction is related to the POS interface (processed via idoc in the background)

*Use the below logic to determine if the transaction is from the POS interface;

- If document type BKPF-BLART in set “ZVS_POSDT” OR Reference field BKPF-XBLNR = “I0*” (meaning if the fields starts with I0)

*Do not fail the transaction. Instead insert a record into custom below (details for the functionality of this table is below in item 4);

FIELD TEXT Company code Product Product Hier. Account Site Business Area Amount Posting date Entry date and Time Processed Processed On: Processed By: Mapped


Thanks in Advance,