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XLSX data is not passed to Workflow via SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT


I am having issue to pass XLSX file data to workflow container via SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT. But system is not passing XLSX data to workflow container. My XLSX data is in SOLI format and then i am passing the SOLI data to event container by declaring below code.

data: it_content type standard table of SOLI,

i_container type standard table of SWCONT,

gw_container type swcont.

loop at it_content[] into wa_content.

gw_container-element = 'IT_SOLIX'.

gw_container-value = wa_content.

append gw_container to i_container[].


call function 'SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT'


object_type = 'ZTEST' (Business Object)

object_key = obj_key

event = 'TRIGGER' (EVENT)

commit_work = 'X'


return_code = lv_return


input_container = i_container.

I am not getting any error but system is not passing the SOLI data to workflow via event container.

Binding for event container and with workflow container is fine and having no issues.

I have tried to pass the PDF data in SOLI format and with this code it was successfully passed to workflow container.

Only for XLSX and XLS filedata, system is not passing the content to workflow container.

even i have tried using macros also with SWC_SET_TABLE, but same result. Data is not passed to workflow container.

Appreciate your help here.



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1 Answer

  • Sep 08, 2017 at 03:28 PM

    Why on earth would you want to carry around a partially decoded excel file in the workflow container? I can't think of any reason where this is a sensible approach. Either decode and read the Excel up front, or save it somewhere or attach it to WF and then read it when you need it.

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    • <sigh>

      Option 1: Read Excel. Extract data. Store in table with key. Start WF with key. When needed, read data from table.

      Option 2: Store Excel somewhere. SapOffice, Server, MIME repository, DMS, ArchiveLink, Z-Table, Cloud, anywhere. Attach file link/reference to WF. When needed, read file, extract data, do whatever.

      Option don't-do-it: Part-decode Excel into SOLI. Stuff WF container full with half-baked intermediate program-internal format. Make sure nobody can ope it or make any sense of it other than with your special task that can recombine it (Remember that the container is accessible to users). Flummox support if they should ever try to look into container to fix any issues or answer any questions.