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Oct 01, 2007 at 11:10 AM

Authorisation to access the Project


Dear all,

I have SAP_ALL authorisation but still system is giving error of authorisation.

For CJ20N, when I create new project, I am getting following error message:

<i><b>You are not authorized to access this project</b>

Message no. ZPS052


You have not been set up as a team member for this project.


If you are a project team member for this project please see your project manager in this regard. He will add you to the project team. You will then be able to access this project.

If you are not a team member but still require access please see your system administrator and indicate to him that you require access to authorization object Z_PS_PRPS for this company code.</i>

When I asked about this to basis, they say that I have sap_all authorisation so this may be the functional problem.

Also, I am getting the error for lot of T codes like CJ40, CJ30, CN41, CN72 etc. error message is "You do not have authorizations".

Can any one guide me.

Is there any thing like adding my name in the project team for accessing the project or the problem is else where.

Pls guide me.