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Oct 01, 2007 at 10:40 AM

approval of SC after sourcing is complete


Hello Folks,

Our scenario is as follows:

1) User creates text based requirement

2) Requirement does not require approval as creator is not sure of price and / or vendor.

3) Requirement goes to sourcing Cockpit for vendor and price assignment

I am ok upto here the next step is where I face the problem.

4) After vendor and price is assigned I would like the Sourcing user to convert the requirement into a PO but then for the PO to require approval in SRM before it is sent to the Backend system. What I am finding is that as soon as the sourcing user adds the vendor and the price selects the create PO button, a SAP po is created in the backend straight away. Is there anyway of triggering an approval for the PO before it reaches the backend.

Any help would be appreciated.