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Item proposals and quotations

Dear Guru's,

At a customer we have the situation that for certain materials, they have open quotations and item proposals. When try to enter a sales order for a number of materials via Edit->Propose items, a warning message pops up telling you for which material SAP has found at least one open quotation.

Message V4226: There are open quotations for material 409476

When you press continue, another window pops up with a strange message telling you that a certain item does not exist (which is not true).

Message V1331: Item 00010 does not exist.

On the last message you can only choose for the option Exit (and you go back to the menu).

On the ordertype they have the setting Quotation message (field HNWAG) = D. The need this for another sales organization using the same order type and where they want to see a message. I have tries using the option B and F as well.

Is it a bug in SAP or isn't it possible to use an item proposal list in VA01 if there are open quotations?


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3 Answers

  • Sep 08, 2017 at 11:45 AM

    Are you absolutely sure that there is no additional logic (specific to your system) that might be causing this?

    In a past project we were using this option extensively and I have never encountered this kind of problem.

    Does this error occur just for this material/customer combination or also for any other product?

    Does it happen in a test/development system only (where the quality and the origin of transactional data may be questionable) or it is a problem in a productive or PRD copy environment?

    In such case I would try via debug to see which document is selected, examine it on table level and check if there are some custom enhancements, which might influence the standard behavior.

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  • Sep 08, 2017 at 01:03 PM


    Have you check whether the Massage Category of these messages has been changed to "E" (Error) in your system?


    Jignesh Mehta

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    Sep 08, 2017 at 02:52 PM

    Hi Jignesh and Veselina,

    It only happens when the material is both on the item proposal list you want to use and in an open quotation.

    Via where used in SE91 I found out where V1331 was being used and how.

    I did a 'test' in the development system.

    There are 2 programs that cause the stop in VA01.

    LV45PU13 and LV45PU05.

    In debug mode I changed the Subrc into 0 to see what happens in the sales order.

    If you use the copy with quantities, the order quantity is not the quantity of the proposal but of the proposal and quotation

    If you use the copy without quantity, the order quantity is the quantity of the quotation



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    • Former Member

      I did some further debugging.

      If you have selected an item form the item proposal list (for which there is a quotation) the process call LV45PO46 for checking the quotation. However the quotation number is not passed to this program (FL-VBELN=Blanks).

      Only the line number is transferred filled with the position of the quotation found. So it reads internal table FXVBAP without a (quotation) number. This causes an error, causing the program to stop and show a window with exit option.

      If you manipulate the program by feeding it with the quotation number, you don't get an exit screen, but it copies the material int the order and adds up the quantity of the item proposal and quotation.

      It almost looks like a bug in the way SAP is handling this situation.