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Open PO Analysis in SAP BI using 2LIS_02_SCL

Sep 08, 2017 at 04:53 AM


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I have to built a report to display the open PO's I have excluded the Delivery completion but in the report I am getting the PO details which are already closed in the ECC. As shown in the following table

PO NO Delivery Com. Item

4600035730 10

4600035730 X 10

4600035730 X 10

Last two raws are for the GRN and the MIRO this PO was closed one and I want to know why I am getting the first line in my report though I exclude the delivery completion.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Thank you

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1 Answer

Ashu Yadav Sep 08, 2017 at 03:22 PM

can you please tell whats your local and global filter on query?

also you reporting on Backorders Cube of Purchasing?

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Hi Ashu

Thank you for your response. Document Date and the Purchasing group are the filters in the query.


As i far as i can see the scenario in your case

  • For this PO all the item Number are same. for which Multiple Schedule lines Must have created
  • In your Case 2 Schedule Line Delivery is completed and 1 is remaining
  • So i guess you are using Order Quantity Keyfigure in Report which has nothing to do with Delivery Completed Indicator
  • Instead Delivery Completed has to work with Delivered/GR Quantity

PO | PO Item | SCL Num | Order Quantity | Confirmed/GR/delivered Quantity | Del. Completed

4600035730 10 1 20 10

4600035730 10 2 5 X

4600035730 10 3 5 X

In your Infoprovider data must be present in this format.

So if you Exclude Order Quantity with X then also It will be visible

Rather work with Confirmed/GR/delivered Quantity and Del. Completed or Formula

In nut shell drag PO item SCL counter and delivery Completion in Report along with All keyfigure for this PO ,you will get the answer