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Copy text from customer master to reference contract and sales order

Sep 07, 2017 at 08:43 PM


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I have a request from users to add two fields that exist in ref contract/sales order to customer master so it is maintained there and then copied to subsequent docs (ref contract and sales order)

The text should be copied to reference contract if one is created. If no reference contract, then the text should be copied to sales order directly from the customer master.

Currently, we have copy control in place, where if these two fields are maintained in reference contract, they are copied to sales order. We want to keep this functionality as well.

I have created the two required text types for customer master sales view- KNVV and setup in the text determination procedure. Then, I went into the sales document text procedure, and created object KNVV with the new text type for the access sequences. The access sequence for both text types already exist since they are copied from ref contract to sales order. So I setup a new object within the same access sequence.

However, upon testing, the text is not copied from customer master to reference contract ot customer master to sales order. Is there any additional configuration required? Do I need to change the sequences above?

Thank you


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Veselina Peykova
Sep 08, 2017 at 12:59 AM

There is a text determination log in the sales order, which you can use for troubleshooting.

It is accessible from Goto->Header->Texts, then you click on Display log button.

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Thank you- I already checked that, and there it tells me "text does not exist". But infact, the text is maintained in customer master sales view text. Is there anything else I can check?



I assume that no text was determined from a preceding document and that you are testing with new documents.

Is the new text maintained for the right partner function from VOTXN? There is also language in VOTXN, which could be a reason why the text is not found.

This is just a speculation, since the screenshot from the configuration does not include the full details and you forgot to upload the text determination log. It will be best if you can add it to your original question as an edit.

A screenshot from VOTXN with all these details is not an easy task, but can you try to find the exact line from table TTXZI and upload what is visible in SE16 for it?

Deep K Sep 11, 2017 at 12:12 PM

Hi Batul,

I hope this configuration is ok to meet this requirement, i have tested the same scinario , where text is copying from CMR.

In order -

Thanking you


1.jpg (61.4 kB)
2.jpg (32.4 kB)
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Batul Kausarali Oct 12, 2017 at 08:52 PM

Thank you both. I was able to get this to work.

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