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Oct 01, 2007 at 01:33 AM

Delete PSA Reqests for a Delta DataSource


HI all

this is problem has been discussed in diff aspects in sdn , but my requirement is bit different, & here it is

I´m using Delta Infopackage to load to a Delta Capable DataSource, & then a Delta DTP for loading into a DSO. SInce it is a line item level information , the PSA occupying lot of space which i want to free up

1. Can i delete the PSA requests, without affecting the daily delta activities ?

2. If so , should i delete only the Delta Request only or can I del the INIT requests as well , as the INIT also occupies lot of space, as they were run with data transfer option.

3. Can I delete the Changelog table to free up some more space without affecting the daily delta activities. ?