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Sep 30, 2007 at 10:21 AM

Logic for populating internal table


Hi Abapers,

I have two internal tables it_bseg and it_bseg_ven with header lines. the key fields common to these two tables are bukrs, belnr and gjahr. My requirement is to move records of it_bseg_ven to it_bseg which are not there in it_bseg by comparing key fields.

I coded this way. but 'ne' is not supported in read. how can i achieve this. because no.of records are more.

LOOP AT it_bseg.

READ TABLE it_bseg_ven WITH KEY bukrs ne it_bseg-bukrs

belnr ne it_bseg-belnr

gjahr ne it_bseg-gjahr.

IF sy-subrc EQ 0.

MOVE it_bseg_ven-bukrs TO it_bseg-bukrs.

MOVE it_bseg_ven-belnr TO it_bseg-belnr.

MOVE it_bseg_ven-gjahr TO it_bseg-gjahr.

APPEND it_bseg.



SORT it_bseg BY bukrs belnr gjahr.

pointa are sure.

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