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Former Member
Sep 29, 2007 at 07:07 AM

campain automation has not started


has anyone had this problem when starting the campaign automation?

1) i created a start node "Survey registration".

2) I create an campaign element "<b>Email invitation</b>".

- Under <i><b>Channels</b></i> tab, details were maintained as follows:-

:1) <i>Communication Medium</i>

2)<i> Form for Email</i>

3) <i>E-mail address</i>

4) <i>Survey</i>

- Under "<i><b>Segment"</b></i> tab,

- "Add Segment"- added TG with BPs having valid e-mail addresses

- Under <i><b>basic data</b></i> tab, details were maintained as follows:-

1) Workflow assigment:- Send Target Group to Channel

3) Created campaign element "<i><b>Collect Responders</b></i>"

- Under "<i>Segment</i>" tab,

1) Add Empty target group

- Under Basic data tab

1) Workflow Assignment : Add BP to target group

2) Check the "start for every responder"

4) Create Decision Node "<i><b>Choice</b></i>?" and maintained the necessary rules.

5) Go to the start node and choose "<i>Status"</i> tab, and change status to "Release" and <i>Save</i>.

6) Click on the "Start" button to start campaign, but instead i get error msg "Campaign has not started".

Does anyone know what is wrong?