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Sep 29, 2007 at 06:53 AM

BASIS queries...


Dear gurus,

Thanks for ur help for my previous queries,

here are some more...

1. If my archive Directory is having only 1MB free space, why cant i run BRARCHIVE..?? what is the reason....?

2. How to know the client size, other then Test run, is there any Script which gives the size of a client..?

3. Importing a request it is taking more then 90min time, what r the steps to be followed.?

4. I have the user credentials of My Central Instance, I have 3 Dialog Instance.. how can i restart my DI's then my CI..??

5. When i m applying the BASIS, ABAP Support patches, when i m trying to login with the one more users/ session system throws an Dump error...? is it possible to logon to the system..? if yes.. how can i logon to the the system..?

6) what r the drivers and partition sizes require when u r installing SAP R3 4.7EE. On windows platform.

pls give me the solutions ASAP.


Ravi Kumar.D