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Sep 07, 2017 at 03:43 AM

Successfully processed message from PO 7.5 dint reach PI 7.1 Adapter Engine



We have installed PO 7.5 single stack in our environment which will be exclusively connect with DMS (Siebel System) which is to be hosted in LIA (Limited internet Access).

This PO 7.5 will be connected with existing PI 7.1 which will be connected to target systems (vice-versa).

DMS <=> PO 7.5 <=> PI 7.1 <=> Target Systems.

We have done Configuration Wizard setup as part of post installation activity which is required for PO 7.5.

We have also followed the readiness check and everything is working as per the document.

I have created one file to file interface in PO 7.5, it worked fine.

Then i have created file to soap, in the logs its showing as messages are successfully transmitted to PI 7.1. But no logs/messages available in existing system (PI 7.1).

File -> Soap (PO 7.5) -> Soap (PI 7.1) -> File

Since the logs are showing as messages successfully delivered to target system, i couldn't find any error logs in both the systems.

Even we checked with network team and they confirmed its fine in network level and also we are able to telnet both the systems.

Please suggest me to proceed further.