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Iam trying to load data from flat file to DSO ...

here while creating DSO ... I COULD NOT ABLE TO SEE 0CURRENCY AND 0RECORDMODE... I have draged respective dimensions to keyfields and keyfigures to datafields

now my question here is how to add in dso 0currency and 0recordmode.....

i have created datasource in that i have 0currency and 0recordmode

and created infosource in that i have 0currency and 0recordmode..

and datasource to infosource (created transformations)

but when iam trying to create transformations from infosource to DSO

there were no 0recordmode and 0currency in DSO how to get this,,,,,

Looking for early reply

will reward points...

and also what parameters settings for DSO WHAT it is exactly in what scenarios we use it... and also logs for dso...

thanks in advance ......

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    Posted on Sep 29, 2007 at 03:00 AM

    <i>You wud not see 0RECORDMODE in the ODS....u need not add to ODS ..system will take care of it..if its in Infosource ..den dat shud do.

    When ODS will is loaded - changelog table ->recordmode will be filled automatically by the system.</i>

    <b>Refer :OSS 399739</b>

    1. Field 0RECORDMODE is needed for the delta load and is added by the system if a DataSource is delta-capable. In the ODS object the field is generated during the creation process.

    2. Note 333492 was created to ensure upward compatibility for those customers already using 0STORNO. This works as planned and is correct; field ROCANCEL must then be mapped to both InfoObjects.

    3. Field 0RECORDMODE is needed for the delta load and must also be included for the update in ODS in the case of user-defined InfoSources. In the ODS transfer structure, field 0RECORDMODE is generated automatically during the creation process.

    4. Message RSAU128 'InfoObject 0recordmode missing from the InfoSource' is an information message, you can activate the update rules even without 0RECORDMODE. The field is required for the delta method of InfoSources with connected DataSources from an SAP R/3 system. For FlatFile DataSources or external DataSources InfoObject 0RECORDMODE does not need to be contained in the transfer structure of the InfoSource, or it does not need to be filled separately in the transfer rules. In the transfer rules when maintaining the transfer structure, the delta method for flat files or external DataSources is determined by field Update mode. In InfoSources that get their data exclusively from flat files or external systems, 0RECORDMODE does not need to be contained in the communication structure. Then you can ignore the above-mentioned message when creation update rules.

    5. To call up documentation on 0RECORDMODE (BW Delta process: Update mode), call Transaction SE11, display data type RODMUPDMOD -> Pushbutton Documentation. Here you will find more useful information on the five possible features for InfoObject 0RECORDMODE (space,X,A,D,R).

    <i>0currency shud be found in Units Dimension if any of ur keyfigures is based on 0currency ...once u drag a keyfigure on to the right side 0currency will automatically be pulled over into Unit Dimension.</i>

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