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BIS6 Upgrade

Sep 06, 2017 at 08:23 PM


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We're in the process of upgrading to BIS6 so that we can support the communication with the Dutch Customs system (AGS) and I found the following notes:

2319030, 2319343, 2312707, 2151551, 2312779

Please confirm I have the correct notes.

Thank you.

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Hi Maria,

I added the tag "Software Logistics" to your question, as most upgrade issues fall into this category. It took me a while to understand that your question is about Seeburger Business Integration Server, and other than "SAP Global Trade Services" it doesn't seem there is any tag more specific for this product.

Anyway, hopefully you find some assistance here, but it may help if you make it more clear in your question what the product is.



Hi Matt,

Thank you. I made the assumption if I enter BIS6, that the community would know that it's for Seeburger.



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1 Answer

Mouaz BEN REDJEB Sep 12, 2017 at 01:39 PM

Hi Maria,

Hope you are doing well.

Please have a look at the below OSS note, it sumarises the requirements to upgrade to BIS6 with AGS:

2300489 - EDI conversions - SAP GTS for the Netherlands (NL) with SEEBURGER BIS 6

Hope this helps.


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Hi Ben,

Thank you. I'm doing well thank you. So you're saying, in addition to the notes which I've already defined in the question, I'll also need to consider this note 2300489?

Please confirm thank you.


Note 2300489 is merely used to summarize all information/explanation published by SAP about BIS6 in NL.

Ideally, you would have go through this note and check all prerequisites, additional notes, references, etc... in order to find out all the OSS notes that have to be installed.