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No data in 'PAN of Landlord' column of IT0581 in ESS WDA aaplication


We are implementing ESS MSS WDA using SAP EP 7.4 and SAP ECC EHP7.

In the IT declaration application (HRESS_ITDL_EE_IN) of Benefits & Payments in ESS, when we try to create 'Housing' request, PAN of Landlord field was not available in the standard.

But it was added by making an entry for field C10T1 in the table V_T77WWW_GAMLC, for solution type = 0002 and application type = HRAC.

The column is now visible in the overview table, however, no data is displayed despite being maintained in the infotype.

b.jpg (52.3 kB)
a.jpg (38.6 kB)
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  • Hi There !

    Can you please also attach the complete screenshot of the request created , in the Display mode.

    Check whether its maintained in the ESS request.

    Best Regards

    Chetan Bajaj

  • Dear Chetan,

    We are not using ESS for creating request of IT0581, but for display purpose only.

    And that screenshot is already attached "a.jpg".

    Please clarify if some other information is required.


    Udit Khera

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