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It's not you, SCN, it's me. (Well, it's kind of you but that's not the point.) There is nothing to be sorry about. I made a conscious decision about it and I'm fine. Let's move on, please. No hard feelings. No need to show a yuuuuuge message every time I'm looking at the question list. Thank you!

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  • And I look forward to reading the comments and questioning my existence... :)

  • I've heard BC is supposed to go out of maintenance at the end of 2017. So maybe next year we'll see an uptick of activity there? Kind of thought it was already dead though...

  • Oh, it's not dead. Well, not yet. (extra points if you identify the paraphrased quote)

    BC 4.8 is in maintenance through 2020. And, that's a good thing, because it still has a role to play that -- as far as I know -- is not yet fully encompassed by PI/PRO, though I believe that's the ultimate direction. In any case, we are using it, and we absolutely depend upon it.

    Though when I see "BC" I always first think "Basis Component...." That better not go out of maintenance!

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