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Sep 28, 2007 at 06:36 PM

Common program code



I am working in a Unicode enviornment. Here is my situation i have a lot of programs where in which we have coded like this way.

data: v_strcuture(80) type c.

types: begin of t_temp.
       matnr like mara-matnr,  " CHAR field
       matkx like makt-maktx,  " CHAR field 
       breit like mara-breit.  " QUAN field
types: end of t_temp.

data: wa_temp type t_temp.

move v_strcuture to wa_temp.

In unicode the above said move statement will not work. For correcting these kind of errors i lam looking for COMMON program code to convert v_structure into wa_temp.

and vice versa ie from wa_temp to v_structure.

For example:

function module with 2 import parameters as V_STRUCTURE & WA_TEMP, and importing tables is contents of V_STRUCTURE and changing table (as output) will be WA_TEMP like that.

and also from WA_TEMP to V_STRUCTURE.

If anybody done this kind of requirement please give some hint