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WWI report generation in different languages

Sep 06, 2017 at 01:49 PM


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Hello All,

We have a question related to the generation of WWI report in different languages. When we generate the report in English, it generates by default in "ARIEL" font where as the same template in another language example in - Spanish is generated in " ARIEL UNICODE MS" font.

How this is controlled in WWI.We checked the template and according to us , there is no coding that defines this functionality of defaulting font

We would like to have ARIEL font across for different languages. Moreover, the header of the same template is different when the report is generated in other languages other than English.

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Christoph Bergemann Oct 02, 2017 at 06:55 PM


1.) please visit marketplace; the topic of "font" selection and WWI set up is explained partly there

2.) TOpic of "assignment" of Font and language is as well explaimned

3.) it depends as well: Is SPA a "Unicode based" system? Which WWI version do you use? etc. etc.

Just "google"" etc. You should find many discussions and answers


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Avitej Kotwal Nov 16, 2017 at 11:04 AM

Thank you for your inputs. I am going through the contents provided on SAP Market Place. It's a good information.

We have resolved our issue.

Background about the issue - As per our understanding, when we release the report we get a pop up where we enter the main version and the report gets released. In this case( for other languages like French Canadian and Spanish ) – DRAFT is being displayed even after the version is maintained ( For English it's working ). Now here we accept the report and the status get changed to Completed and then > Accept again to Released. The template reads the parameter EHS_RPSTA1 value, and if the value is “HI” historical or “RE” released, then the template will display blank. For all other status values, the system will display DRAFT. This is how I am reading the current template.Working for English but not for others.On the other side, when we create a report from the template and the status RE is filled, the draft is not being displayed. I tried with other fields like report version and all, none has any impact on the draft section.

Solution to our problem: This was primarily due to a missing entry in SAP standard table TDWST.

Maintain entry in table TDWST as below.

Language Document Status Document Status Status Text 늘 W7 RE Liberados 덆 W7 RE Validé

The main field here is 2nd “Document Status” and we must make sure that we have “RE” maintained as our WWI template will not show the word “DRAFT” only when we pass “RE” to it. WWI report with any language other than English will have an issue as the only entry currently maintained in table TDWST as “RE” is for English.We got to have status maintained as “RE” for all the other languages in which we generate the SDS. There is a SELECT statement written in one of the Function Module whose purpose is to fetch the Status depending on the Language maintained in table TDWST. Now since the table TDWST does not have an entry for Spanish_MX (1X) and French_CA (3F), it is not returning any value and hence DRAFT comes into the report.

We maintained entries in TDWST using Tcode – DC10

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your findings/explanations (and how you have removed some errors in set up) does not really fit to your question.

In any case. WWI can only be "understood" if you understand

1.) WinWord

2.) Windows

3.) WWI

and 4.) SAP process (including SAP set up, rfc set up; WWI generation server set up, local WWI etc. etc.)

PLease checK: