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Sep 28, 2007 at 10:34 AM

PHYS_MEMSIZE after NW04S Install



I have just installed an SCM 5.0 SR2 release on WIndows 2003 64 Bit and MS SQL 2000, with 32GB RAM and 4 processors Xeon 3.5Ghz. We have an ABAP + Java instance installed on 1 server.

looking at the memory in ST02, EM has an initial size of 512 MB, the parameter PHYS_MEMSIZE has a profile value of 512, but the default is reporting as 32766, this parameter is set in the instance profile, so must have been added by the install.

The docummentation in RZ11 says the PHYS_MEMSIZE parameter should be set as the same as the physical memory, in this case 32766.

Why does the install set PHYS_MEMSIZE as 512? no parameters have been changed yet since I have just installed SCM 5.0, I've noticed this is the same value of 512 on DEV/QA/PRD SCM 5.0, each server having different actual physical memory sizes.

What do you reccommend setting for parameters :



em/initial_size_MB 512 MB

em/max_size_MB 100000

abap/buffersize 150000 KB

Also, any other parameters you reccommend setting?

I am looking to tune the memory performance before releasing the landscape to the project team.

Thanks for any advice.