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Creating Maintenance View


I have created a Maintenence View "<b>'ZV_M_VIEW1'</b>" for 2 tables VBRK and KNA1 , and have selected some fields from 2 tables. It is activated Successfully with out any errors and warnigs. But when I tried to display the data from this View Iam getting a message like "no database view exists for view ZV_M_VIEW1" what this message means, please solve my problem.

Thanks in Advance.

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Sep 28, 2007 at 08:57 AM


    If u want to join two tables then u have to create the datbase View only.

    Maintainace Views are used to create the Tbale Maintainence only for SM30.

    Check this:

    Data about an application object is often distributed on several tables. By defining a view, you can define an application-dependent view that combines this data. The structure of such a view is defined by specifying the tables and fields used in the view. Fields that are not required can be hidden, thereby minimizing interfaces. A view can be used in ABAP programs for data selection.
    The data of a view is derived from one or more tables, but not stored physically. The simplest form of deriving data is to mask out one or more fields from a base table (projection) or to include only certain entries of a base table in the view (selection). More complicated views can comprise several base tables, the individual tables being linked with a relational join operation. See also Join, Projection and Selection.
    The base tables of the view must be selected in the first step of a view definition. In the second step, these tables must be linked by defining the join conditions. It is also possible to use the join condition from a foreign key defined between the tables (see Foreign Key Relationship and Join Condition). In the third step, you must select the fields of the base tables to be used in the view. Selection conditions that restrict the records in the view can be formulated in the fourth step.
    Four different view types are supported. These differ in the way in which the view is implemented and in the methods permitted for accessing the view data.
    Database views are implemented with an equivalent view on the database.
    Projection views are used to hide fields of a table (only projection).
    Help views can be used as selection method in search helps.
    Maintenance views permit you to maintain the data distributed on several tables for one application object at one time.
    Database views implement an inner join. The other view types implement an outer join (see Inner and Outer Join).
    The join conditions for database views can be formulated using equality relationships between any base fields. The join conditions for the other view types must be obtained from existing foreign keys. Tables therefore can only be combined in a maintenance view or help view if they are linked to one another with foreign keys.
    The maintenance status defines whether you can only read data with the view or whether you can also insert and change data with it.



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    • Hi Ranjith..

      As per ur Post you have successfully created and Activated the Maintenance view.

      But you will not be able to view the Entries of Maintenance view directly.

      For that the Pre-requisite is you have to Generate the TABLE MAINTENANCE program.

      Menu path: Utitlities -> Table Maintenance Generator.

      Then Assign the Settings like this:

      Authorization Group : &NC&

      Function group : Z Function group

      Overview Screen : Eg 1.

      Single Screen : Eg 2.

      Save the Table maintenance .

      Now you can View/ Create the entries thru maintenance view. (Tcode SM30)

      <b>REWARD IF hELPFUL.</b>

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    Posted on Sep 28, 2007 at 09:25 AM


    With the help of the table maintenance generator, you are able to maintain the ENTRIES of the table in SM30 transaction.

    It can be set in transaction SE11 - Tools - Table maintenance generator.

    Table maintanance Generator is used to manually input values using transaction sm30

    follow below steps

    1) go to se11 check table maintanance check box under attributes tab

    2) utilities-table maintanance Generator-> create function group and assign it under

    function group input box. Also assign authorization group default &NC& .

    3) select standard recording routine radio in table table mainitainence generator to move table

    contents to quality and production by assigning it to request.

    4) select maintaience type as single step.

    5) maintainence screen as system generated numbers this dialog box appears when you click on create button

    6) save and activate table

    One step, two step in Table Maintenance Generator

    Single step: Only overview screen is created i.e. the Table Maintenance Program will have only one screen where you can add, delete or edit records.

    Two step: Two screens namely the overview screen and Single screen are created. The user can see the key fields in the first screen and can further go on to edit further details.

    SM30 is used for table maintenance(addition or deletion of records),

    For all the tables in SE11 for which Table maintenance is selected , they can be maintained in SM30

    Sm30 is used to maintain the table ,i.e to delete ,insert or modify the field values and all..

    It creates the maintenance screen for u for the aprticular table as the maintenance is not allowed for the table..

    In the SE11 delivery and maintenance tab, keep the maintenance allowed..

    Then come to the SM30 and then enter the table name and press maintain..,

    Give the authorization group if necessary and give the function group and then select maintenance type as one step and give the screen numbers as system specified..

    Then create,,,

    Then u will able to see the maintenance view for the table in which u can able to insert and delete the table values...

    We use SM30 transaction for entering values into any DB table.

    First we create a table in SE11 and create the table maintenance generator for that Table using (utilities-> table maintenance generator) and create it.

    Then it will create a View.

    After that from SM30, enter the table name and Maintain, create new entries, change the existing entries for that table.

    Check this blog for more information on extracting data in table maintenance.


    check these links --

    Hope this resolves your query.


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