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Srock relevant inspection lot....

Hi there,

As I have read....when an inspection lot is created there can be two possiblities.....stock relevant & not relevant.........

but I am not sure about the usage of the inspection lot which are not relevant from the stock perspective.......

please enlighten me on this.....



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    Posted on Sep 28, 2007 at 06:59 AM

    hi kaushik

    have a look below,

    Stock Management in QM


    If the Materials Management (MM) and Inventory Management (MM-IM) components are active in your system, you can use the functions in Quality Management (QM) to manage the materials while they are in inspection stock. When an inspection lot is created automatically as a result of a goods movement, the QM component can:

    · Record and track the material stock in an inspection lot

    · Make the necessary stock postings to move the materials out of inspection stock

    The QM component cannot manage stock movements for inspection lots that were created manually.


    You have the following options for processing material stocks in QM:

    Processing options

    Processing materials as non-stock-relevant goods

    If a material is not stock relevant, the system does not valuate and track the quantity of goods in an inspection lot. All inspection lots with the following inspection lot origins are not stock relevant:

    · 02 - Goods issue

    · 03 - Production

    · 06 - Return from customer

    · 07 - Audit

    · 10 - Delivery to customer with sales order

    · 11 - Delivery to customer without sales order

    · 12 - Delivery (general)

    · 13 - Production inspection on basis of run schedule header

    · 14 - Plant maintenance

    · 17 – Externally triggered inspection

    Posting stock-relevant materials to inspection stock

    In inspection stock, QM has exclusive control over the material stock. This means that the material can only be posted in and out of inspection stock via the inspection lot. Materials can be posted to inspection stock for the following inspection lot origins:

    · 01 - Goods receipt

    · 04 - Goods receipt from production

    · 05 - Miscellaneous goods receipt

    · 08 - Stock transfer

    · 09 - Recurring inspection

    Posting stock-relevant materials to unrestricted-use stock

    Unrestricted-use stock contains the valuated stock of materials for a company. Both QM and MM manage the goods in unrestricted-use stock. In QM, materials can be posted to and from unrestricted-use stock for the same inspection lot origins that apply to postings to and from inspection stock.

    Posting materials to goods-receipt blocked stock (movement type 103)

    Goods-receipt blocked stock is a holding area for materials that have not been posted to a company’s warehouse stock (for example, unrestricted-use stock). This stock (not to be confused with the valuated blocked stock) is managed by the QM and MM components. The materials posted to goods receipt blocked stock are not taken into account by material requirements planning (MRP) and are not valuated.

    You can post materials to goods receipt blocked stock for the inspection lot origin 01 (goods receipt). You post the materials out of goods receipt blocked stock (for example, to unrestricted-use stock) when you make the usage decision.



    If QM is not active in your system, materials can still be posted to inspection stock, unrestricted-use stock, or goods receipt blocked stock using the functions of inventory management (MM-IM). You can also post goods out of these stocks using the functions of IM.

    You cannot use a combination of IM and QM functions to make the stock postings for a material (for example, posting the stock into inspection stock using IM functions and posting the stock out of inspection stock using QM functions). You must either use the functions of IM exclusively or the functions of QM exclusively.

    For related information, see Inspection Lots for Existing Inspection Stock.

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