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Sep 28, 2007 at 01:30 AM

BPS Web App - Data Issue


Hi Experts, we have a customer w/ the following situation:

They are having a major issue with their Web Pages implementation. Here is the situation:

1) User enters the web application, enters some variables at the top, then enters some data.

2) They then enter some more variables to change the data set. They NEVER hit check, or save, because the validation will take to long…they have so many validations it takes 30 minutes.

3) So now, a new dataset comes up, they enter more data, more variables, more data, more variables,….etc

4) When they finally go to save only that one page gets validated, the one their currently on…..all the other previous stuff doesn't get validated and writes back to the cube incorrectly.

Any way to validate the current page before it selects more data with the new variables?