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Sep 27, 2007 at 09:04 PM

Lockbox Processing


I am implementing the Lockbox. When I get the file from the bank, <b>the system uploads</b> it but does not display the customer name which is in the file I get from the bank.

In the structure <b>FLB26</b> we have chosen the <b>last 35 characters</b> to be the customer name.

When I receive the information with <b>no invoice and no customer number</b> the system does not display the customer name, rather it <b>places an asterix ()</b> and tells me <b>no customer () exists</b>.

How can I have the name displayed, for the client to know which customer sent them the funds especially during the reprocessing step and ensure the receipt of the payment clears the open item(s) in the customer's account automatically.

<b>Your help is greatly appreciated and I will most certainly award points.</b>