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Sep 27, 2007 at 08:12 PM

Is it possible to use WEBDAV instead of FTP


We would like to use the PI system also as a kind of FTP Server.

For Server to Server communication we will use FTPs.

In case users have to place files on the PI system (on dedicated directories) we would like to provide them a possibility to do this seemlessly and in a secure manner.

Therefore WEBDAV seems to be the right choice as this offers the https protocol and in addition in can be integrated with MS Explorer. So, users can easily drag & drop files.

But there are some concerns:

Is WEBDAV already available with a PI installation or do I have to install addtional usage types like KM or Portal?

Even if WEBDAV is part of the PI: how can I access these files later on with PI means? As far as I know WEBDAV is storing the information in the MIME repository which is a part of the database. Is there a way to store the data in the filesystem?

I know there also exists a WEBDAV solution for SAP DB but we are running Oracle.

Maybe there are better solutions than WEBDAV. FTP is no choice at all as we have to use a secure protocol. Ok I know, we could use FTPs but this can't be integrated into MS Explorer. You will need additional client software.

Any ideas & thoughts are welcome.