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Sep 27, 2007 at 02:40 PM

SAPCAR working not good



I try to run SAPCAR on Solaris SPARC, but it works very slowly.

According to note 212876 I`ve deleted extension in SAPCAR<.exe - was killed>. After this action I start SAPCAR, but it takes a lot of time for displaying standard screen (create a new archive: SAPCAR -c[vir][f archive] [-P]....)

When I run command <i> file SAPCAR</i> I get information very fast:

<b>SAPCAR: ELF 64-bit MSB executable SPARCV9 Version 1, dynamically linked, not stripped</b>

But if I run command <i>ldd SAPCAR</i> it work like when I start SAPCAR. ldd shows me:

<b> => /usr/lib/sparcv9/ => /usr/lib/sparcv9/ => /usr/lib/sparcv9/ => /usr/lib/sparcv9/ => /usr/lib/sparcv9/ => /usr/lib/sparcv9/ => /usr/lib/sparcv9/ => /usr/lib/sparcv9/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/



Does anybody has the same problem?