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Sep 27, 2007 at 02:48 PM

Dispaly in Query output Errors


Hellog gurus,

I am building a report in which i want to show the output in columns as

Quantity (this year) / Quantity (previous year)

So i restrcited quantity with fiscal year / period and put a variable of interval.

What problem i am facing is that my POWER USER WANTS TO VIEW IT AS

Quantity (Jan- ... 2007) / Quantity (Jan- ... 2006)

This Jan - ... 200 selection should be user entry ..

So if i run the query and user has to select Jan- March of 2005

then this range should also represent on the Report output.

I hope you got what i mean to say.

So whatever range they enter it should visible on the report

The requirement is not to show month by month but aggregate quantity of range entered as well as the


i created and restricted for previous year and also set the offset year, It is solved

The problem is how shall i display the range of months they enter in Report output

below quantity