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Sep 27, 2007 at 01:00 PM

SERDAT is required or not for processing ADRMAS AND CREMAS


Hi All,

I need to develop a scenario MDM-XI-SAPR3 for vendor data.

I can not use CREMDM IDOC on R3 side as there is no process code for that. So client is expecting 2 IDOCs, CREMAS and ADRMAS.

On R3 side, first CREMAS creates vendor in R3 and then ADRMAS updates

Address corresponding to created vendor.

Now Source will be one XML from MDM (CREMDM) and XI will split it into

two IDOCs that are CREMAS and ADRMAS. But both the IDOC will get

triggered at the same time. So it will not be of any help as ADRMAS will

always go into error. Correct me if I am wrong.


Client suggested passing SERDAT IDOC. So now the question is we will

have to pass two records (CREMAS and ADRMAS) to this SERDAT IDOC. Now

these values will be hard coded in XI. But through Constant I can not

pass multiple values.

Because of these limitations on SAP Product, I am not able to go


So I want a clarification on this. I should use the SERDAT IDOC or

not? If yes then how we can pass multiple values to it as through

constant we can not pass more than one.

Can you plz suggest?

Warm Regards,