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Sep 27, 2007 at 09:20 AM

Using CM30 (Planning Board) to allocate Personnel to Operations


We have a requirement to allocate work order operations to multiple people (HR Masters) depending on their availability, and then to analyse how much each person is being utilised against their available capacity.

We have been using the Graphical Planning Board (CM30) and have achieved the following;

> Split/allocate work order operations - assign multiple people to an operation and define each person's planned working hours

> Adjust the person's available capacity to take into account their absences (e.g. leave, sick days etc.)

> Dispatch operations against the person's available capacity

However, we are unable to avoid 'multiple commitment' appearing against each person on the Planning Board. For example, if I dispatch two individual operations (from two seperate work orders) for "Mr Joe Bloggs" it will allow the operations to overlap each other, denoted by a green line.

Ideally, we would want Operation 2 to be 'automatically' pushed out so that it follows on from the finish time of Operation 1, i.e. so that the operations run sequentially. The operations can be moved 'manually', but this is not ideal.

Is is possible to 'turn-off' multiple comittment so that by default the system sequentially schedules operations that have been assigned to the same person?

Also, when an operation is dispatched and pushed out to a later date on the Planning Board, it updates the dates/times change on the 'Reqmts Assignment' tab of the work order, but this date change does not update the work order operation Earliest Start/Finish dates and times. We require these Earliest Start/Finish dates and times need to be updated to allow users to pull up a list of operations assigned to them by using IW37N, searching by 'Earliest start date/time' and 'Personnel number for split'.

Again, do you know if this is possible?