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Sep 27, 2007 at 08:12 AM

Mapping Issue


Hello Guys,

I have a mapping issue. Well actually I need to be confirmed if what I am thinking is correct.

I have the following structure:


Orderheader (1..1)

-OrderParty (1..1)

--ShipToParty (0..1)

---Party (1..1)


ReceivingContact (0..1)


ListOfContactNumber (0..1)


ContactNumber (1.. unbounded)


ContactNumberValue (1..1)


ContactNumberTypeCoded (1..1)


Header (1..1)

--ShipTo (0..1)

---Telf1 (0..1)

I cannot change any structure (I can use node functions, I know) and need to map from the source ContactNumberValue where ContactNumberTypeCoded='TelNr' to

the target Telf1.

So I created the following mapping:

IF ContactNumberTypeCoded='TelNr' THEN map ContactNumberValue to Telf1

The ContactNumberTypeCoded has got the following values in the queque:




The end result in the queue for Telf1 is the Email address.

So I started wondering why and to my opnion it has got to do something about the nodes, if we go back to the node:

ContactNumber where the 2 fields, ContactNumberValue and ContactNumberTypeCoded are in, has got an occurences of 1 to unbounded and the target only has 0..1 So thats the problem, the target can only receive one value and just takes the first one.

If that's correct then I have another question, why did the map didn't work correctly? Because I say in the mapping look for the right value en give me back that value and map it.

When I change the context for ContactNumberValue, ContactNumberTypeCoded to ListOfContactNumber which occurs (0..1) then it works fine. Is that because of the difference of occurences between source and target?

Best regards,